Tuesday, November 5, 2013

HemoHIM+ - An Assessment After One Year of Intake (Part 2)

HemoHIM+ - An Assessment After One Year of Intake (Part 2)

By: Francisco C. Tang, MD (Huang Nung Yang, MD)

I learned and confirmed to have stage 4b (terminal stage) Follicular B-cell Lymphoma, September of 2012,  after a series of laboratory and diagnostic tests and 2 lymph node biopsies. I started my 6-cycle  chemotherapy the following month and finished February of 2013.  

I am now cancer-free and a Lymphoma Survivor. I have regular monthly follow up for almost 10 months now. My last follow up last week still showed  all normal or near normal blood test and latest follow up CT scan showed: NO DEFINITIVE  CT  EVIDENCE OF TUMOR RECURRENCE. (Praise the LORD!)  Although medical science have progressed leaps and bounds, let us not forget, most of all, having faith in GOD,  having positive thinking, having great support system, having right nutrition, adequate exercise  and sleep and taking the right health food supplement are of paramount importance. 

Those who have seen me recently and those who had seen me early January of this year, while I was still undergoing chemotherapy, have noticed the great transformation in me and I seriously told them " Hey guys, I'm back to my own self now and this is all because of HemoHIM+." This is the health food supplement I took during my chemotherapy which helped boost my immune system, helped give me stamina, helped relieve me from stress and fatigue and helped me not to experience any chemotherapy side effects. 

HemoHIM+ is a Korean health food supplement developed by Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) in collaboration with Korea Kolmar Co., LTD.  and together they launched Sun BioTech Company licensed to market this product. 

I am no believer of health food supplement but when I came to know and tried this, my outlook was changed forever. After my 4th chemotherapy in December, coming back to Taiwan from my  Christmas and New Year vacation with my family in the Philippines, I was invited to a New Year lunch party with friends and  since I was still undergoing chemotherapy then, I was weak, easily fatigued and sleepy with little appetite, so after lunch, I excused myself and rested in the sofa. Our Korean friend noticed me and fortunately, she brought samples of HemoHIM+ and gave and told my daughter, Beverly, to let me try it and see what happens. True enough, after consuming the 6th sachet, I felt changes. I was more energized, didn't tire easily and started to have appetite. I bought 1 box of 54 sachets and started and continued taking them. Since then, I never experienced the side effects of chemotherapy, I was more energized, had more stamina and slowly regaining my appetite. Even when my WBC dropped to 900, I was still energized. After 6-cycles of chemotherapy, I continued taking it and I noticed my blood sugar was stabilized. My son-in-law and daughter started taking it too. He noticed his blood pressure was stabilized, my daughter noticed her menstrual cramps diminished in intensity. A friend of us from Hong Kong, who took it, also noticed the detoxification effect of HemoHIM+.

I brought the HemoHIM+ to the Philippines and the other members of my family tried it together with Probiotic taken AFTER meals (consist 0f 10 kinds of Lactobacilli strains numbering 3 billion in each sachet) to help them relieve stress and fatigue and help provide them with stamina. Now the whole family is enjoying the beneficial effects of HemoHIM+  that is:  helps boost immune system, helps provide stamina, helps relieve mental and physical stress.
It is highly recommended for patients undergoing chemotherapy, over-worked and stress-out people, senior citizens, students preparing for exams needing mental and physical stamina and over-fatigued athletes. It worked in me, I think it will also work in you.  So what are you waiting for? Try this wonderful and beneficial health food supplement.  

To learn more about HemoHIM+, please log in to my blog: My Fight With Lymphoma - A Survivor and to my website, www.hemohimphilippines.com.
I have written several articles about it and some links in medical journals attesting to the beneficial effects of HemoHIM+.

Below is a recent abstract I want to share with you all.

Herbal Composition for Improving Anti-Cancer Activity, Immune Response and Hematopiesis of the Body and Protecting the Body from Oxidative Damage, and the Method of Preparing the Same - Jo; Sung Kee (Daejon, KR); Kim; Sung Ho (Gwangju, KR), Yee; Sung Tae (Suncheon-si, KR), Park; Hae Ran (Daejeon, KR), Oh; Heon (Gangju, KR), Byun; Myung Woo (Daejeon, KR)    Korean Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), August 25, 2003 

Disclosed is a herbal composition comprising a first hot-water extract from a mixture of the plants: Angelicae gigantis Radix, Cnidium officinale Makino  and Paeonia japonica Miyabe et Takeda at an equal weight ratio, and a polysaccharide fraction as a precipitate formed by adding ethanol to a second hot-water extract from the mixture of the plants: Angelicae gigantis Radix, Cnidium officinale Makino and Paeonia japonica Miyabe et Takeda at an equal ratio.

The herbal composition of the present invention is effective in improving the anti-cancer activity, immune response and hematopoiesis of the body, and protecting the body from oxidative damage. Therefore, by stimulating the recovery from damage to the immune function and hematopoietic function, often occuring during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and inhibiting oxidative damge, the herbal composition can be applied for the prevention of the side effects of cancer therapy, as well as for the prevention of various degenerative chronic illness and improvement of the health of the weak and the elderly.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Mesothelioma - the No. 1 Occupational Cancer in the US

Did you know that Asbestos is still not banned in the US?  Roughly 30 million pounds are still used each year.  Asbestos is still the no. 1 occupational cancer in the US.  It is still found in many homes, schools and commercial or industrial buildings. Navy veterans are at the greatest risk to develop Mesothelioma as Asbestos was widely used in Naval ships and shipyards. 

Let us all raise awareness to the danger of Asbestos exposures and urge our government to stop and ban the use Asbestos for the sake of our next generation.